What is a Mentor?

A mentor is defined as a wise and trusted counselor. At RMI, they are that and much more.

RMI mentors bring a wide range of expertise, experience and skills to our program. They are corporate and government employees, public servants, educators, retired military personnel, and business owners. They represent the myriad opportunities our mentees seek to better understand in order to make better decisions about their future educations and careers. Most importantly, RMI mentors recognize the value in the experiences of their lives with youth who are looking to create their own unique life paths.

Prior to beginning the RMI Mentor Training Program® , mentors sign a Mentor Contract. The contract details the scope of responsibilities the mentor agrees to undertake relating to their mentee. Included in this agreement is a one-year commitment to a coaching relationship with their assigned mentee, with at least eight hours of one-on-one in-person time each month. Additionally, mentors provide job shadowing opportunities with their mentee at their place of employment.

Become a Mentor